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Making delicious for over 85 years!

Although it may be a surprise to some, Los Angeles is a true center of Hot Dog indulgence. Angelenos enjoy more than 95 million hot dogs each year, more than any other city in the nation.* So, while many other cities celebrate smothering their dogs to the point of being unrecognizable, we celebrate franks for their own sake. That means they must be delicious before your favorite toppings go on.

Archival Photo of Pink's Hot Dog Stand with Hoffy Signage

For decades Hoffy had a simple message: HAVE A HOFFY! No frills and no fuss, just straightforward and uncomplicated. Why? Because we knew that once you tasted a Hoffy, you’d be hooked. This dedication to both tradition and quality led to our natural casing beef frankfurters becoming the legendary hot dog of Hollywood’s favorite eateries, and some of Hollywood’s favorite stars!

Pat Boone eating a Hoffy Hot Dog

As many other local meat processing companies consolidated and moved their operations east, we have remained family-owned and family-run, keeping the Hoffy brand true to our roots. We’ve kept the same recipes and the same devotion to our craft so our customers always know what they’re getting: great flavor and great quality.

*Source: National Hot Dog & Sausage Council

Hoffy Hot Dog cooked on a campfire.
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