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Where’s my Hoffy?! Wishing for a delicious Hoffy Beef Frank but outside our distribution area? Dilemma solved, our two best franks are available through, just click below and you’ll be that much closer to your Hoffy.

Hoffy: Hollywood’s Original Natural Casing Premium Beef Frankfurters (2104)

Hollywood’s Original Natural Casing
Beef Frankfurters

Now, the best is yours to savor at home. Hoffy is Hollywood’s Original Hot Dog Stand Beef Frankfurter, and is still used by the most well known of those eateries. Made the old fashioned way, we think it’s the finest frankfurter in town. Taste the snap!

Hoffy: Family Pack Big Dog Quarter Pound Premium Beef Franks (1094)

Family Pack Big Dog 1/4 lb.
Premium Beef Franks

For over 85 years, Hoffy Premium Beef Franks have been in a class by themselves. Our unique blend of carefully selected spices combined with our uncompromising commitment to quality have made Hoffy a name that your family can trust.

Hoffy Portugese Sausage and Eggs

Portuguese Brand Sausage

Now this favorite of Pacific Island consumers is available to our mainland friends. Made with just a bit of Cooking Sherry and our special spice blend, this sausage is so easy to prepare. Just slice and fry it with eggs for breakfast or serve it right off the grill anytime.

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